Come on in.

What is Oak Hill?

Oak Hill’s unique assisted living homes offer a personal, intimate experience that embraces families and friends while providing for independence and privacy. Our person-centered care is tailored specifically to each resident’s individual needs.

Our aim at Oak Hill Assisted Living is to make everyday a good day, offered up by staff who are always ready with tender, loving expertise.

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We're here with you.

Preserving Dignity

At Oak Hill Assisted Living, we care for the oldest of our old everyday, elders who deserve society’s greatest respect. Honor and respect for each senior is at the core of Oak Hill’s caring tradition. Each resident’s unique person, life story and experiences are celebrated every day.

Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.

Freedom of Choice

Flexible routines, food choices, personal care and socialization are what makes Oak Hill Assisted Living a true home. Residents choose the time they get up and go to bed, the foods they eat, maintaining routines like they’ve always done. The key word is ‘home’. Home is the one place where someone holds sway. At home you decide how you spend your time, share your space and manage your possessions. Oak Hill Assisted Living is home.

No need for families to plan around “visiting hours”. Families and friends:

  • are always welcome,
  • encouraged to spend time, any time of the day or night,
  • welcome to participate in all activities and events.
We walk with you.

Maintaining Hope

At the heart of Oak Hill Assisted Living are supportive and highly trained staff who know the residents well, who acknowledge the resident’s strengths and always help them to feel good and be their best. We care for the whole person- body, mind and spirit.

Meaningful friendships and shared stories abound as people enjoy the daily companionship of others. By helping our residents engage everyday in activities that they enjoy and choose, we strive to help them maintain a sense of purpose. We go the distance with residents, changing as their needs change providing care from independent to end of life care.